zizek-chatter on facebook

Max Brzezinski Just saw Zizek rambling down Trinity Ave. — it takes a
confident philsopher to work a brown fleece hoodie.
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Jason D. Gladstone and 12 others like this.
Steve Brzezinski I would have loved to have seen that.
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Jason D. Gladstone say hi for me.
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Max Brzezinski he thinks like dr. jekyll & looks like mr. hyde.

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8 Responses to zizek-chatter on facebook

  1. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    He speaks English like Dracula 😉

  2. Tina says:

    AHAHAHAHA @Rhiannon

    I wanna be a philosopher like Zizek when I grow old… he’s like the epitome of cool right now in my dictionary.

  3. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    I’d like to be a philosopher like Woody Allen when I grow up. Except for that whole marrying-your-child thing. The dorky glasses are a must…

    Or Dorothy Sayers– she rocks that tobacco pipe

    • Arin Vaillancourt says:

      I’d like to have Woody Allen’s wit. I’d be unstoppable.

      Think of what a radio show that’d be!

      Did anyone not find it odd that people are “spotting” Zizek. It’s like an Elvis sighting or something.

  4. Kellie Gibson says:

    This is the best.


    For so many reasons.

  5. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    Speaking of philosophers….this may just be funny to me because I’m also taking Latin…

  6. Raquel Baldwinson says:


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