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heavenly hurt

Emily Dickinson (on ‘second death’?): 5. THERE’S a certain slant of light, On winter afternoons, That oppresses, like the weight Of cathedral tunes. Heavenly hurt it gives us;                    5 We can find no scar, But internal difference Where the … Continue reading

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Lamia is about a god falling in love with a mortal.  So is, as we’ll soon see, the Ode to Psyche.  The story of Lamia’s love for Lycius, on the one hand, and that of Cupid’s for Psyche (and Psyche’s … Continue reading

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Nov. 1 questions & notes

Austen Again the key question to begin thinking about now is:  what do the fates of Lydia and Mrs. Bennet mean?  is it not the case that Austen tells us to find them both morally seriously flawed?  if so then … Continue reading

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sublimity of reality

scales of the universe

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oct. 25 notes and questions

Austen This set of chapters includes some of the most pivotal of the novel.  One sign of this is that Austen’s narrator starts rendering some pretty broad and conclusive judgments:  the narrator sticks her/his neck out in other words, committing … Continue reading

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a nice brief video-synopsis of the famous antonioni movie which reminded me of our class: l’avventura

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paper topics

The following seem to me like five promising areas of inquiry you might pursue; if you have questions or suggestions please comment and i will try to elaborate. These topics pose theoretical questions; your paper should address one of these … Continue reading

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5 page draft due Nov. 8

I will post some suggested paper topics soon, but you’re welcome to suggest topics of your own as well.  The draft may but need not address the same topic as your final 12-15 page paper.

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Oct. 18 notes and questions

Austen 1.  Take careful note of the extent and nature of Elizabeth’s shame and defensiveness upon discovering Darcy’s humiliating disparagement of her family; what does and doesn’t embarrass her and why? 2.  Note also that in his proposal to Elizabeth … Continue reading

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loving impossible fantasies

On Tues. in our make up class we discussed a number of examples of what Zizek terms “traversing the fantasy,” of learning to accept rather than resist the contingency of our images of what we want without denying that we … Continue reading

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