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  1. Arin Vaillancourt says:

    I looked at this and it made my brain hurt. There needs to be a more logical flow to this chart and a starting point first of all.

  2. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    Actually I thought it was kinda funny– and hey! Where’s Mary King and Maria Lucas? And Colonel Forster? And Denny and Mr. and Mrs. Bingley? Or were they not important enough?

  3. Arin Vaillancourt says:

    I thought the exact same thing myself actually. As soon as I saw Wickham I wondered where Ms. King was. I’m going to write a computer code to do a better job.

  4. Madeline Fuchs says:

    Since when is Mr. Darcy’s first name Fitzwilliam???? Did I read that earlier in the novel and choose to completely forget it, because I want him to always remain the brooding and handsome Mr. I’m-too-mysterious-for-a-first-name Darcy?

  5. Alyzee Lakhani says:

    Madeline I thought it was pretty funny (and was a bit aggrieved) when Darcy was introduced in the novel as Fitzwilliam, because it removed so much of his dignified, mysterious Mr Darcy-ness. I think it was mentioned even earlier than when he writes the letter to Elizabeth, but I’m not sure. Is it just me or is Fitzwilliam an exceedingly foppish name in itself, and totally wrong on Mr Darcy. And the fact that his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy gets the same name as him is just too infuriating. I know that the name means little with regard to characterization and that Austen recycles names in her novels but I think its significant that Austen peels away another layer of Mr Darcy’s particular style by making his name appear common, and that she just this just as Mr Darcy is warming up to Elizabeth at Hunsford. Do you think he moves from formidable to loveable by being progressively demystified in the novel? (bear in mind I haven’t finished it yet I can’t remember what happened in the movie)

  6. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    How can you NOT remember!!? Hahah! I like Fitzwilliam– but then, my kids names are Theodore and Georgina so maybe I’m not a good judge of foppish names….Good point about the later introduction to his name though…

  7. ummm….where was the Spoiler Alert?! Now I know who marries who. Darn

  8. Tina says:

    Ahahaha! I generally hate mind maps but yeah, Fitzwilliam is such a common, ordinary man (in the novel). I can definitely see the whole “demystifying” process going on. Great point Alyzee!

  9. Tina says:

    Edit: man – NAME

    *sheepish grin*

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