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La Belle Dame Sans Merci and Ode to a Nightingale both dramatize poetic failure of some kind; they demonstrate the poetic imagination running amuk, becoming self-destructive.  Both poems are offered to us as emblems of self-loss.  In the ode this is associated with the loss of sight, a regression into a world organized around sound alone.  How/why is loss of sight made a figure for self-loss in the ode?

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3 Responses to nightingale

  1. This might be completely off topic, but here is the trailer of one of my favorite movies: Bright Star, & a link to the soundtrack which includes Ode to a Nightingale. Awesome?

  2. Rhiannon Gascoigne says:

    Oh yes. VERY awesome….

  3. Arin Vaillancourt says:

    I think my heart literally broke watching this trailer. I was originally going to come up with something relatively intelligent to say for something else on this week’s readings, but I’m going to go watch this movie instead. Good? Good. Awesome, I think so.

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